How to Create A Development Schedule for Your WordPress Site?

Create a development schedule for your wordpress site

Just like a mobilephone, WordPress website is also made up of parts and different plugins that have to be placed together very nicely. And for placing the components of for your website requires planning. It takes time, money, knowledge, materials and also resources for creating a site from the WordPress website themes. Planning is most important if you want to start building your WordPress site, and to do this one needs a development schedule.

What a Development Schedule Can Do for You?
Planning a task is as critical as developing the project. It helps you definemilestones, keep your project on track, and maintain the budget. A project developer can help defence you from committing any expensive mistakes. It improves communication inside, the task group and guarantees everybody is in on the same page. It recognizes who is in charge of what that is very essential for larger teams.

Creating the Development Schedule

A decent development schedule will indicate what your project comprises of and who ought to be in charge. To make the development schedule you should answer few questions given below:

•    Do you need to have a Domain name? If yes, how much it will cost?
•    Who will host your site? How much it will cost? Would you will pay monthly or yearly?
•    Who is going to install WordPress on your domain?
•    What kind of WordPress themes you will use for your site? Will it be free, premium or custom build?
•    How many pages does your website will have?
•    What are the categories of your site?
•    Will you need custom graphics for your logo design?
•    What keyword your site will use?
•    How will you get traffic on your site?

Yes, that is a lot of questions! Now one can imagine, the answers for each of this question is very important for your site’s performance and also implementing all these elements will take some time.

Who is Running the Show?
If you would have the technical knowledge, then you might be able to do all these tasks by yourself. And, If you don’t know, then you will need a team, depending on the needs of your site which can consist of team leader, programmers, database administrator and designers.

One will need a project manager to check and keep an eye on the schedule and also helps to keep everyone on track. If you have a small budget then you should start with the free WordPress website themes and plugins. A WordPress website is something that will expand and grow over time. It does require to be complete and perfect from the first day. But it should meet the minimum expectation of your clients and users.

What a Development Schedule will look like?

The development schedule will include all the tasks that are to be completed in the given time, budget and resources for each task. The schedule should include:

1.    Determining what is the goal of your site
2.    Introductory design
3.    Developing the backend, including the server, database and the URL
4.    Develop the front-end including the theme installation and the plugin installation
5.    Conduct testing
6.    Developing the content
7.    Conduct testing
8.    Promoting your website through marketing, SEO and social media
9.    Launch your website
10.    Perform routine website maintenance

For keeping your project on track all these tasks should be performed and should be taken care by the project planner.

Final Thoughts on Creating a Development Schedule for your WordPress Website

Creating a development schedule is a critical part in creating your WordPress site from the WordPress website themes. It helps in keeping up your schedule on time and budgets, and also keeps away those annoying surprises that can set you back. There are numerous choices for making the schedule itself, including pre-made projects, layouts, and plugins. Whichever you pick, beginning your WordPress site off on the correct foot is the initial step for making your site successful.


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